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As a business, we are only as successful as our customers and suppliers.

BBL has always had very close relationships with our suppliers, some spanning several decades. We know where our products come from because we visit our partners often, see how they’re made, and ensure that everyone is treated fairly.

We work with a wide range of quality materials, but our roots have always been in natural, handwoven items. From our Chinese Willow baskets, to Indonesian Rattan, Bangladeshi Seagrass, Moroccan Palm Fibres, and Filipino Coconut Fibres, you‘ll find that a high proportion of our products are made from the world’s most eco-friendly, lowest-impact materials.

Along with our many low-impact materials, you’ll find our products are shipped in recycled cartons, and wrapped in recycled paper rather than plastic wherever feasible. We continue to seek ways within our company and supply chain to lower our carbon footprint, and re-use materials wherever possible.

BBL just celebrated our 75th anniversary in 2022. Over these years, BBL’s leadership has prioritized the long-term health of our suppliers, customers and the environment. We are guided by these same values today, and will be for (at least) another 75 years!